Vital Reds (Gundry MD) Reviews 2022 – Does It Really Work?

Vital Reds by Gundry MD is a healthy product full of nutrients which support digestion, weight loss, energy levels, and skin health.
By - Updated December 9, 2022

What Are Vital Reds?

Dr. Gundry MD Vital Reds is a dietary supplement aimed at providing an array of health benefits to its users. It contains many polyphenols, which the human body uses as micronutrients for several different functions.

Natural sources of polyphenols include food, most frequently food prepared with vegetal elements.

Among the health benefits, Vital Reds claim to provide are fatigue reduction, the ability to boost energy levels, improved antioxidant supply, and weight loss. The use of natural substances, according to the website, prevents Vital Reds from having any adverse effects.

Pros and Cons of Vital Reds

Vital Reds

  • Form:Powder
  • Type:Supplement
  • Benefit:Boost Energy, Promotes Weight Loss
  • Brand:Gundry MD
  • Weight:4.0 Ounce(112g)


  • Vital Reds can improve digestive health.
  • It promotes the health and appearance of the skin.
  • Vital Reds can provide you with additional energy.
  • This supplement can help burn fat, so you lose weight.
  • It’s full of healthy nutrients and antioxidants.


  • There’s only one flavor option.
  • Vital Reds Gundry is a somewhat expensive product.
  • Different users will have somewhat different results.
You can BUY it directly from the Official Website

What is the purpose of Vital Reds?

A powdered dietary supplement called Vital Reds by Gundry MD combines fruits high in polyphenols with vitamins, minerals, herbs, and probiotics.

The substance is “100% natural and safe,” according to the producer, and beneficial for easing joint problems, improving skin look, boosting metabolism and vitality, and encouraging weight loss.

How Does Gundry MD Vital Reds Work?

Vital Reds is very high in minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients which support general wellness and resolve any deficiencies. It’s also rich in antioxidants which kill harmful free radicals and lower oxidative stress. This promotes bodily healing and strengthens the immune system.

This product contains probiotics, which are healthy bacteria that line the intestinal walls. They can destroy damaging bacteria and promote improved gut health. Probiotics can help eliminate symptoms like gas and diarrhea and support healthy bowel movements.

In addition, they have other health benefits. An article in the Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal examined the role of probiotics in health improvement, infection control, and disease treatment and management (1).

Vital Reds contains some caffeine which gives you energy, as well as other ingredients which all help boost the metabolism. This can cause the body to go into a fat-burning state of thermogenesis, which can lead to fast weight loss. An article in the International Journal of Obesity discusses adaptive thermogenesis in human beings (2).

Vital Reds Ingredients

Overall, Vital Reds has a variety of nutrients that support good health. The outcomes of each of these substances alone are enough, but when combined to form this unique blend of thermogenic, polyphenol-rich, and probiotic ingredients, you actually have a dietary supplement overflowing with advantages.

Vital Reds Supplement Facts
Vital Reds Supplement Facts

Three blends are included in Vital Reds.

  • Polyphenol Blend:

  • It is also known as the Reds Blend, includes 34 superfruits.

  • Metabolic-Enhancing Blend:

  • It includes thermogenic components that help with weight management and fat loss.

  • Digestive Support Blend:

  • A group of probiotics for improving gut health.

    Here are some of the primary active Vital Reds ingredients:

  • Ginger Root:

  • This is a plant native to Asia which is used as a spice and also has medicinal benefits. It’s rich in antioxidants and is known to settle nausea. In addition, it can speed up the metabolism and initiate fat-burning and weight loss. A study in Metabolism found that ginger root can promote thermogenesis and lead to weight loss in overweight men (3).

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus:

  • These are healthy microorganisms which support gut health and can eliminate symptoms like diarrhea, gas, and bloating. They can destroy bad bacteria and promote digestive wellness, even helping treat bowel diseases and boost the immune system (4). An article in Microbiology Letters examined the life history of this strain as a probiotic (5).

  • Acerola Fruit:

  • This fruit is rich in antioxidants which support health and a strong immune system. It’s a very high source of Vitamin C. In addition, acerola can provide anti-aging benefits to the skin (6). A review in the Journal of Food Science and Technology discussed this superfruit and its health vital reds properties.

    Vital Reds Side Effects

    Vital Reds is a very safe and extremely healthy product that contains natural ingredients and polyphenols. There are no potentially harmful additives included, and there are no side effects that should occur when taking it.

    Customer Reviews for Vital Reds

    The vast majority of the Vital Reds reviews were from customers that loved the product. Users mentioned lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, more energy, and healthier skin. A number of people said they lost weight using this supplement. People felt it really was worth the cost. The complaints about the product were really very minimal.
    This product is rated 4.78 stars by 2883 individuals on official site and here are some of the best reviews to showcase the product efficacy.

    Vital Reds
    I can feel the difference in my energy level after drinking it fro about a month now. I mix it together with the MCT Wellness to start my day. It tastes good and its a perfect replacement for a glass of juice.

    Great Product!
    I enjoy the taste of Vital Reds and have definitely reduced my cravings for sugary products. Great Product!
    Vicki Sheppard

    So far so good!
    Having vital reds in the morning seems to help curb my appetite. It has become my daily routine.

    You can BUY it directly from the Official Website

    How To Use Vital Reds?

    Vital Reds Reviews (Video Credit: YouTube)


    Que: Where to Buy Vital Reds?

    Ans: You can buy Vital Reds on the manufacturer’s official website, and you can also find it on Amazon. The prices on the official site are as follows:

    One-Time Purchase

    • 1 Jar: $69.95
    • 3 Jars: $199.36
    • 6 Jars: $377.73

    Que: How to Take Vital Reds?

    Ans: The manufacturer recommends that you mix one scoop of the product with an 8-ounce glass of water, stir, and drink. Do not consume more than this amount for any reason.

    Que: Is Vital Reds Legitimate?

    Ans: There’s no doubt that Vital Reds is a legitimate product. The company that makes it is Gundry MD, and they are a very well-known and highly reputable organization that produces their products according to scientific research. There are numerous Gundry MD Vital Reds reviews all over the Internet attesting to the legitimacy and efficacy of this supplement.

    Que: Are Vital Reds Good for You?

    Ans: Stephen Gundry Vital Reds is incredibly healthy for the body. The product contains a rich polyphenol blend of fruits, vegetables, and other organics which promote wellness, healing, kill damaging free radicals, and make the immune system stronger. It’s very high in vitamins and minerals which provide needed nutrients. In addition, it supports healthy metabolism and better digestion.

    Que: What is the Vital Reds Return Policy?

    Ans: The manufacturer is offering a 90-day return policy on Dr. Stephen Gundry Vital Reds. If you are not happy with the product, let the company know and send it back within 90 days of the purchase date. They’ll give you a full refund, excepting the shipping fees.

    Que: Does Vital Reds Really Work?

    Ans: This supplement should definitely work, based on the Vital Reds ingredients. It includes probiotics to support a healthy gut microbe and a wealth of nutrients and antioxidants to elevate general health and the immune system. Other ingredients speed up the metabolism, which should lead to weight loss. Most of the Vital Reds reviews agreed that the product really worked well.

    Que: Is Gundry MD Vital Reds Keto Friendly?

    Ans: Gundry MD Vital Reds is very low in carbohydrates, with only 2g per serving. You can certainly take this product when you are following a keto diet and use the 2g as part of your small daily allotment.

    Que: What are the health benefits of vital reds ?

    Ans: There are several benefits of taking vital reds, some of them are mentioned below:

    • Improved energy levels
    • Helps promote weight loss
    • Contains antioxidants
    • Metabolic enhancing blend aids digestion

    Que: Does it contain Vitamin B?

    Ans: Yes. Vitamin B is present. More specifically, the product contains B6 and B12.

    Que: Is vital Reds a probiotic?

    Ans: A blend of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and different types of polyphenols derived from fruits and vegetables make up Vital Reds.

    Que: What fruits are in Vital Reds?

    Ans: Vital Reds contain powerful blends carrot, grape skin extract, organic apple peel, organic flaxseed, Aronia berry extract, organic, acerola fruit extract, apple, blueberry fruit concentrate, apple pectin, organic beetroot, cranberry fruit extract, mango, blackberry, acai fruit extract, grape seed extract, etc.

    Final Verdict: Gundry MD Vital Reds Reviews

    Vital Reds is a dietary supplement in the form of a berry-flavored drink. The product contains probiotics and other ingredients which support digestive health. It also speeds up the metabolism and helps with weight loss, provides additional energy, and supports overall health and a strong immune system.

    The Vital Reds Amazon reviews indicated that 90% of customers said they loved this product and got a number of amazing Vital Reds benefits from it. People with digestive upset said it settled their gut, and many experienced weight loss and a huge boost in energy level. Others mentioned more radiant skin and anti-aging benefits. There were few negative reviews of this product.

    Vital Reds by Gundry MD is an extremely healthy supplement rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants. The Vital Reds ingredients are both potent and safe, and there are no potentially damaging artificial or chemical additives included. There are no harmful side effects associated with taking this supplement.

    Where To Find It?

    For more details, please visit the Official WebSite

Customer Reviews for Gundry MD Vital Reds

Vital Reds (Gundry MD) Reviews 2022 – Does It Really Work?
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  1. Nick J.

    Your Rating:

    I Loved It!!!!!!
    Makes a difference to me feel knowing I get the vitamins I require day by day and the specialist favors my needs without requiring me to require diverse pills. And it tastes delightful and doesn’t disturb my stomach.
  2. Steve Jordan

    Your Rating:

    My spouse is completely “stuck” on Dr. Gundry’s proposals and this powder may be a “must” in her day by day shakes. Highly suggested for those who are avoiding lectins in their eat less and got to keep up a sound count calories schedule to preserve real functions.
  3. Jenifer

    Your Rating:

    The item is extraordinary to have ....
    The item is extraordinary to have been taking it for many months and my vitality level gets me through my day when I put a scoop of this powder in my smoothie in the morning. However, I am baffled the producer’s date on the bottom was not 4 months prior. A name says it is sweet for 1 year. I would like it to be fresher since it is all characteristic fixings.
  4. Amla D.

    Your Rating:

    Gives Me Energy!
    I love this drink; it’s delicious. I drink it every morning, giving me the energy to get through the day. My digestion has been much better since started taking it, with far less in the way of issues like diarrhea and bloating.

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