Let’s face it, skin tags, moles, and warts are really annoying. However, you can get rid of these irritating marks on your body with skin tags, moles & wart removers mentioned below. They can be more confusing than annoying at times. So here’s a close answer to what skin tags, moles & warts look like.

What Are Skin Tags, Moles & Warts?

Skin tags are small, harmless, soft growths on the skin. They are also known as acrochordons. A skin tag may form from a piece of skin that is caught under the skin’s surface and can be seen outside of it.
Moles are a form of skin lesion that is usually brown or black and can be found anywhere on the body. Moles can be benign or malignant and they can develop anywhere on the body, but they most often occur in areas where there is more sun exposure like the face, neck, arms, hands, and legs.
Warts are non-cancerous growths that develop on the surface of the skin. The most probable reason for warts is a virus called human papillomavirus (HPV).

What Causes Skin Tags?

Skin tags can be caused by a number of different factors, though obesity remains the most common reason. The excess weight puts pressure on the skin, which can cause it to become inflamed and develop into a skin tag. Skin tags can also be caused by excessive rubbing or scratching of an area of the skin, or even from wearing tight clothes for extended periods of time.

What Causes Moles?

Moles are often caused by exposure to excessive sunlight. This is because moles are usually dark and the skin around them may be lighter in color.
The most common cause of moles is exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun, which can also cause freckles and other skin discolorations.

Skin tags, warts, and moles are all types of benign lesions which means they do not pose any health risks to humans. However, you can get rid of skin tags, moles & warts at home using the product reviewed by our team below.