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ProPlant Complete Shake is a nutritional drinkable supplement that may alleviate digestion, improve brain health, and up energy levels in the body.
By - Updated December 9, 2022

What Is ProPlant Complete Shake?

Proplant Complete Shake gnc is a protein supplement by Gundry MD. This product is formulated using organic ingredients that support stronger muscles and bones, reduced cravings, weight loss, elevated energy levels as well as healthy brain, eyes, and heart.

Additionally, this formula boosts the immune system, promoting general health and wellness. Although Gundry MD ProPlant Complete Shake is not a meal replacement, some users take it in place of breakfast and lunch. These users claim that the shake keeps them sated until their next meal.

Luckily, this proplant shake comes in different flavors such as chocolate and Proplant Complete Shake Vanilla to serve consumer preferences. It is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Proplant Complete Shake Pros and Cons

ProPlant Complete Shake

  • Form:Powder
  • Type:Supplement
  • Benefit:Strong, Healthy Bones And Muscles, Supported Heart And Brain Health
  • Ingredients:Spirulina, Hemp Protein, Flaxseed, Cocoa Powder, Stevia
  • Brand:‎GUNDRY MD
  • Weight:19.18 oz/544 g


  • May support muscle and bone health
  • May boost energy production in the body
  • May improve digestion and nutrient absorption
  • May enhance brain and heart health
  • May improve mood through stimulating feel good hormones


  • Only works with a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and healthy diet
  • This supplement can only be purchased online
  • Users claim the mixability of the product is not good
You can BUY it directly from the Official Website

Is ProPlant Complete Shake a Scam – Which Company Is Behind It?

No, Gundry ND ProPlant Complete Shake is one of the dietary supplements by Dr. Steven Gundry, a former cardiologist who believes that true health relies on natural nutrients which he uses to fortify his products. Gundry has also authored multiple books in which he elaborates his nutritional theories. Since this supplement is backed by a doctor, it cannot be referred to as Proplant Complete Shake scam.

ProplantChocolate Supplement facts-min

ProPlant Complete Shake Ingredients

Some key Proplant Shake ingredients are as follows:

  • Spirulina
  • This is a blue-green alga that is also known as Arthospira. NASA popularly uses it as a dietary supplement for astronauts in space.

    A review study in the journal of Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine provided that spirulina has the ability to modulate immune functions and reduce inflammations. The studies further elaborate that this alga may have anticancer, anti-allergic, and antiviral effects.

  • Hemp Protein
  • Hemp is an herbaceous plant with excellent nutritional value and superior digestibility. It contains proteins such as edestin and albumin.

    According to a paper in the Trends in Food Science & Technology journal, hemp is characterized to have high quality oil, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and insoluble fibers. The study established that health benefits of this rich protein source to be antioxidant activity, antihypertensive activity, and hypoglycaemic activity.

  • Flaxseed
  • This ingredient is categorized as a functional food due to its rich content of alpha-linoleic acid.

    A review article in the Journal of Food Science and Technology relay that flaxseed oil, fibers, and lignans all have potential health benefits on atherosclerosis, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis. Flax protein in particular, prevents and treats heart disease and supports the immune system.

  • Cocoa Powder
  • Cocoa is rich in phenolic antioxidants compared to most foods. It contains flavonoids such as catechins, epicatechin, and procyanidins.

    Studies in the Antioxidants & Redox Signaling journal claim that cocoa can protect nerve injury and inflammation and skin photodamage. It is also linked with providing satiety, enhancing mood, and improving cognitive function. Most of the studies in the journal also agreed that the benefits of cocoa consumption outweigh the risks.

  • Stevia
  • This ingredient is a natural sugar alternative that is native to South America. Its zero-calorie property makes it a suitable sweetener in most products.

    Though a controversial sugar alternative, stevia is used globally to reduce energy and added sugar content in foods and beverages as seen in a review in Nutrition Today. Randomized controlled trials in the journal concluded that sugar-sweetened beverages caused weight gain in children and adults, making stevia a better alternative.

ProPlant Complete Shake Review – How Does It Work?

Proplant Complete Shake ingredients are high in antioxidants which help to combat free radicals in the body, lowering oxidative stress. Thanks to these antioxidants the immune system is strengthened. Additionally, this formula is packed with proteins, which are the body’s building components. The high-protein content supports both muscles and bones. Other ingredients include vitamins, minerals, fiber, and caffeine all which play respective roles in promoting healthy digestion, weight loss, and heart among others. Therefore, by taking amazon Proplant Complete Shake daily, users can up their overall health.

You can BUY it directly from the Official Website

Proplant Complete Shake Reviews

Proplant Complete Shake Reviews (Video Credit: YouTube)


Que: Where to Buy ProPlant Complete Shake Gundry MD?

Ans: You can buy Proplant shake from the official website, Proplant Complete Shake Walmart, and Proplant Complete Amazon. You can also get a Proplant Complete Shake coupon code from the Gundry MD website and enjoy awesome discounts. The price of 1 jar is $69.95 and can be lower if you get a Proplant Complete Shake coupon.

Que: How Many Times Should You Take Gundry MD Proplant Complete Shake?

Ans: It is recommended to take this Complete shake Gundry once a day. Mix a scoop of the powder supplement in 8 ounces of water, unsweetened coconut, or any beverage. Do not take more than the suggested dose.

Que: Does it Have a Return Policy?

Ans: Like other Gundry MD products, Proplant complete shake is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Que: What Does Proplant Shake Do?

Ans: Gundry MD ProPlant Complete Shake is a supplement that claims to boost energy, reduce cravings, build stronger muscles and bones, maintain a more balanced mood, increase energy, and support heart, brain, and eye health.

Que: How many servings are in a Gundry Proplant shake?

Ans: According to Gundry MD ProPlant Complete Shake Reviews, it has an average of 20 servings.

Que: How are the Customer Reviews for Gundry MD Complete Proplant Shake?

Ans: Proplant Complete Shake reviews are generally positive, with a whopping 4.9 star rating on Amazon. Positive reviewers were impressed by the supplement’s taste, consistency, and effectiveness. For instance, a verified reviewer claimed that this shake was the best he had ever tried thus he would recommend it to others. On the flip side, negative reviewers were not happy with the taste as well as consistency. These reviewers claimed the taste was terrible and it did not mix well with beverages.

Que: ProPlant Complete Shake Alternatives

Ans: If this comprehensive blend is not your cup of tea, you can get better alternatives in the market. Vega could be a good alternative to ProPlant as it offers low-calorie and high-protein content. If considering price, Vega is quite a money saver. Other alternatives include; Manitoba Harvest Hemp, ALOHA Protein Powder, and Sprout Living Protein Powder.

Que: Does Proplant Complete Shake Expire?

Ans: ProPlant Complete Shake Gundry MD has a manufacturing date on the bottom of the jar and should be used within two years of the MFG date.

Que: What Are the Ingredients in Dr Gundry’s Proplant Complete Shake?

Ans: These are the key active ingredients in ProPlant Shake:

  • Cocoa powder
  • Natural flavors
  • Salt
  • Flaxseed
  • Hemp Protein
  • Spirulina
  • Stevia Blend: Rebaudioside A, Steviol glycosides

Que: Is Gundry Proplant gluten-free?

Ans: Yes, Dr. Gundry’s Proplant shake is gluten-free, vegan, and GMO-free.

Que: How many calories are in a ProPlant Complete Shake?

Ans: According to the official website of Proplant Shake, it contains 100 calories per scoop (32.1 g approx)

Que: Is ProPlant Complete Shake Any Good?

Ans: Going by the ingredients present in the formula and the reviews of proplant complete shake, this supplement could be worth a try.

Que: Does ProPlant Complete Shake Have Side Effects?

Ans: Although this product as an all-natural, allergen free, and vegan-friendly protein shake, some ingredients may cause side effects. Some users claimed to have experienced nausea, headaches, stomach ache, and light-headedness.

Que: Does ProPlant Complete Shake Really Work?

Ans: Yes, with consistent use this protein shake may work to boost energy and overall health. However, results may vary from one individual to the next.

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Final Verdict: ProPlant Complete Shake

Proplant Complete Shake is a protein shake fortified with minerals, vitamins, and fiber to provide users with overall wellbeing. It bolsters energy levels in the body, allowing consumers to engage in strenuous exercise for longer. It also supports fat burning thus may contribute to weight loss in the long run.

Having ingredients that are evidence-based may highlight the effectiveness of this supplement. The Propellant Complete Shake video as well as the reviews also attest to the fact that this Gundry MD product may work.

So, where to buy Propellant Complete Shake? To purchase this protein shake, find Propellant Complete Shake near me or Propellant Complete Shake in stores.

Nevertheless, some users were not pleased by the product’s taste and consistency meaning that this product is not for everyone. Luckily, there are dozens of similar products online. Just do your due diligence and settle for a supplement that fulfills your unique needs.

Where To Find It?

Buy ProPlant Complete Shake From It’s Official WebSite

Customer Reviews for Gundry MD ProPlant Complete Shake

ProPlant Complete Shake Reviews 2022 – Gundry MD Products
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    I just started taking Complete Shake daily a week ago, and I love it! I absolutely look forward to drinking it as the flavor is amazing. I have already dropped a couple of pounds, and I have more energy. I’m a big fan!

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