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The Beauty Insiders Medical Review Board

The Beauty Insiders Medical Review Board consists of board-certified doctors, beauty and wellness experts, dermatologists, and nutritionists who are all considered leaders in their areas of expertise. They bring their considerable knowledge and understanding of the current health research, and how it applies to products in the cosmetics industry.

Every article and review is carefully fact-checked and approved by one of our experts, which means that they are trustworthy, accurate, and based on the most recent clinical data available. Look for the ‘Medically Reviewed by’ citation at the top of each article. The Beauty Insiders boasts the most professional, up-to-date health and beauty content currently available online.

The Beauty Insiders Beauty & Wellness Review Board

The Beauty Insider’s Beauty and Wellness Review Board includes dermatologists, and professional cosmetic and beauty experts they ensure that our content is not only accurate and comprehensive but also true and factual according to the latest studies and research. They review our content and approve it based on its accuracy and relevance based on up-to-date research and industry standards.

The board plays a key role in ensuring that we are your most trusted source of health and beauty information. Every article indicates ‘Reviewed by’ at the top of the article, which lets you know which expert has carefully checked and approved the information so it meets the highest standards.

Our Methodology

Each member of the Beauty Insiders Beauty and Wellness Board is chosen based on a rigid set of criteria so that the team consists of only renowned experts with in-depth knowledge of the beauty and cosmetics industry and many years of experience.

Relevant reviewers carefully fact-check each piece of content we produce, ensuring that it’s accurate and includes the most current scientific research and data relevant to the topic – whether it’s a new anti-aging cream, a top brain health supplement, or any other pertinent wellness and beauty product or theme.

Every piece of content you read on The Beauty Insiders indicates ‘Reviewed by at the top of the article after the writer’s name to ensure 100% trustworthiness and accuracy.

Our Reviewers

*The views and opinions of our independent advisors do not necessarily represent those of The Beauty Insiders

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