Amber Heard’s Diet Plan, Exercise Routine And Beauty Secrets Revealed

Know more about some amazing beauty tips of Amber Heard’s, how Scarlett Johansson maintains her diet & workout routine?

Last Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Amber Heard’s Beauty Secrets - Image/Shutterstock

“I am constantly struggling to show people that there is more to me than my appearance.

You do have to try and overcome those hurdles.

Female actresses need to be given the chance to be more than how they look.”

We know Amber Heard, 31, meant that but, still, we can’t help but ask, “How does Amber Heard[1] stay in shape?” Here’s a full low-down on the Amber Heard Diet and Exercise so we suggest you keep reading to the end.

Introduction On Amber Heard And Her Famous Movie Roles

What is Amber Heard known for?

It’s not surprising that her name probably never strikes a chord in your head at this point in time.

Chances are, her gorgeous smile will have already made a dent in your memory and you’ll probably exclaim, “Oh, I’ve seen that girl before” when you see her face but, do not really know where.

Well, you’ve seen her in the movies recently. She played the role of Mera, Queen of Dimension Aqua and wife of Aquaman, in the 2017 film, “Justice League”.

Heard will reprise the role in “Aquaman”. It is one of the most anticipated upcoming movie roles of Jason Momoa and of Heard as well.

Both have been reportedly engaging in intense physical workouts and strict diets to prepare for their respective roles in the film.

It’s quite a requirement that Heard is at her best fitness level, not only because of her tight-fitting outfit in the film.

Mera is a warrior in Atlantis who possesses hydrokinetic and telepathic powers. Her role will definitely call for plenty of tough action moves and stunts that only an actress with a fit body and mind will be able to successfully deliver.

In years prior to Heard’s engagement as Mera, officially making her part of DC and Warner Brothers’ family of superheroes, she was cast in box office films, “Magic Mike XXL” (2015) “Zombieland” (2009), and “Pineapple Express” (2008).

Heard was cast as Maria in 2004’s hit tv series, “Friday Night Lights”.

She has also played critically acclaimed roles in other movies including in “The Rum Diary (2011)” opposite Johnny Depp whom she eventually married in 2011. The two became officially divorced by January 2017.

Following her divorce from Depp, who was named the 12th richest actor by Forbes in 2015 with an estimated net worth of US $400 million, Amber Heard’s net worth today is pegged at the US $9 million which is bound to rise as she gains more control over her career.

No doubt, she will also soon be constantly named as one of the most beautiful female movie stars of all time. Her secret? Staying healthy.

Amber Heard’s Diet Plan

Amber Heards Diet Plan

Amber Heards Diet Plan – Image/Shutterstock

The gorgeous blonde raised in Austin, Texas, already has the height and the slim physique built into her genes.

At her tall 5-foot, 7-inch frame, Heard weighs in at 62 kilograms.

Amber Heard’s diet plan has been described many times as simple and straightforward — no processed foods — and consists primarily of lean proteins and fresh, raw vegetables, and whole foods.

But, that’s practically a generic description you’ll find on any article that tackles, “What do celebrities eat to stay healthy?”

More specifically, then, the Amber Heard Diet And Exercise program involves Heard spending time in her kitchen fixing her own meals.

“You feel better when you’re eating food that retains nutritional value,” she was once quoted to have said.

There can be no better way than cooking your own meals to make sure that your food stays nutritious.

So, what do you do when you feel that you can’t go on following Heard’s strict diet?

Her advice is, “If you want to do something, you find a way.” For Heard, that includes consistently watching what you eat and drink.

How else did Amber Heard lose weight while preparing for her role in “Aquaman”? The actress has also been reported to have completely slashed donuts from her diet.

Amber Heard’s Intense Workout For Aquaman

Amber Heard’s Intense Workout

Amber Heard’s Intense Workout – Image/Shutterstock

Once the hot bod of Ms. Heard was out, everybody wanted in on the Amber Heard workout routine she followed to prepare for her role in “Aquaman”.

No less than one of her physical trainers, celebrity coach, Gunnar Peterson, has finally spilled the beans.

Heard once expressed, “I’m pretty active. I’m just not into hitting the gym.

I don’t like the idea of going into a place and having a set routine. I do move, I do work out. I like to hike, I run, I ride horses. I just like to keep it fun and mix it up.”

Peterson then cooked up a workout routine that perfectly suited Heard’s personality and that would keep her interested.

He said that their workout was far from isolating specific parts of the body to contour rather, the workout was centered on achieving full-body fitness.

Heard performed continuous movements that resembled squat movements and which trained her resistance.

In separate Instagram posts shared by Heard, she was seen pulling a man with a rope and sparring.

How hard do celebrities work out? Very few will probably stretch it as Heard does. In between her workout sessions, Amber says, she also makes time to hike and play tennis. She has also been spotted running laps around London parks.

According to Peterson, Heard was very consistent and very committed — 5 days a week of intense physical workout followed by fight training. “If I could bottle her drive and conviction, “ he said, “I’d sell that as a pre-workout drink!”

Heard’s top motivation was to be able to deliver on her character as Mera, the warrior which she can’t portray if she wasn’t sufficiently fit to be one — well, at least on screen.

Part of what makes Heard hugely successful following her diet and workout plan is that she stays motivated by the right reasons.

During an interview with “Women’s Health,” she said that she does not work out to look great rather, “It’s about feeling healthy.”

Well, it goes without saying that staying fit is one of Amber Heard’s best-kept beauty secrets.

Amber Heard’s Top Beauty Secrets

Amber Heard’s Top Beauty Secrets

Amber Heard’s Top Beauty Secrets – Image/Shutterstock

What’s in the Amber Heard Skin Care routine?

According to Heard herself, “I love how lightweight Suki tinted moisturizer is. When working, I often have to wear heavy makeup, so in my day-to-day life Suki products give my skin a much-needed break and flawless glow”.

Heard has also been wearing bronzers whether on or off the red carpet, just enough to give her cheeks an improved contour.

Still, for Heard, a healthy body fed with the right food and pumped with daily workouts would best anti-aging skincare products. “Once you start working out, you feel better and it becomes something you make time to do,” Heard states.

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Real beauty — the one that lasts for a very long time — requires a lot of discipline, not just finding out the best performing anti-wrinkle creams or, the makeup that offered the best coverage for your skin imperfections.

Amber Heard is a living testament of how striving to be healthy will naturally reveal a more beautiful version of yourself.

So invest in your health if you want to stay beautiful and young-looking for a very long time.


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