ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food Reviews – Is It Best Collagen Supplement?

Essential Skin Food is an all-natural anti-aging supplement for the skin which can smooth wrinkles and lines, eliminate dark spots, hydrate, and boost the health of the complexion.
By Jenn Sinrich - Updated December 15, 2022

What is ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food?

ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food is a dietary supplement designed to provide anti-aging benefits to the skin. It works to firm skin, improve elasticity, improve hydration, and smooth wrinkles and lines.

The product also eliminates dark spots and hyperpigmentation, decreases swelling, and can help treat skin conditions. It’s rich in healing antioxidants which repair damage and protect from UV rays. It also leaves your skin with a radiant glow.

Dermatologists everywhere recommend this supplement as a top anti-aging product for the complexion. Having used it myself, I can also attest to its benefits. Based on my personal and professional research, Essential Skin Food is among the top skin care supplements on the market today.


  • Essential Skin Food is vegetarian-friendly.
  • The ingredients are 100% plant-based.
  • They manufacture in the USA and follow strict safety conditions.
  • Essential Skin Food can also promote the health of your hair, nails, bones, and gut.

Essential Skin Food Pros and Cons

Essential Skin Food

  • Form:Supplement
  • Type:Capsule
  • Benefit:Improves skin clarity, balances tone, repairs and protects
  • Ingredients:Vitamin C, Mangosteen, Asparagus, L-Lysine, Pomegranate, Acerola Extract, French Maritime Pine Bark Extract, Okra, Quercetin, Acai, L-Proline, Camu Camu, Coffee Berry Extract
  • Brand:ActivatedYou


  • Essential Skin Food can enhance skin cell turnover.
  • This supplement can smooth wrinkles and fine lines.
  • It can fade dark spots and areas of hyperpigmentation.
  • Essential Skin Food can repair damage to the skin barrier.
  • This supplement can help treat skin conditions.


  • The results will vary for different individuals.
  • This is a popular product which may sometimes run low stock.
  • Free shipping for orders over $50 is only for U.S residents.

About the Brand – Maggie Q

The manufacturer of this supplement is a well-known and respected company called ActivatedYou. Founded in 2018, they have their offices in Santa Monica, California.

The founder is actress and nutritional health advocate Maggie Q, and she works with Dr. Frank Lipman to develop top health and wellness supplements.

You can BUY it directly from the Official Website

Quick View – Activated You Reviews

Feature Specs Rating
Form Dietary Supplement 4.7/5
Ingredients Acerola Extract, Coffee Berry Extract, Acai, Vitamin C 4.8/5
Benefits Fade dark spots, Enhances skin cell turnover, Smooth wrinkles and fine lines 4.6/5
Brand Maggie Q 4.5/5
Essential Skin Food

Essential Skin Food Reviews

Essential Skin Food Ingredients

These are some of the primary active ingredients in Activated You Essential Skin Food:

Acerola Extract

This berry is high in nutrients and antioxidants, in particular Vitamin C. It can repair skin damage, protect from environmental agents, and lighten skin pigmentation. It also has potent anti-microbial properties and can help heal the skin from breakouts.

It also promotes collagen production, which firms the skin and smooths wrinkles and lines. A study in Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, showed the skin lightening effects of acerola on UV-induced pigmentation [3].

Coffee Berry Extract

These are raw coffee cherries from the coffee plant, and they are extremely high in antioxidants called polyphenols. They promote repair of the skin, protect from UV rays, and have powerful anti-aging benefits.

It contains caffeine, which helps to boost circulation, leaving the skin radiant and healthy. A study in Cosmetics concluded that coffee berry had anti-aging benefits for both skin and hair cells [4].


When it comes to anti-aging, this is probably the most potent berry. Packed with rich antioxidants which repair, protect, and boost the skin’s immunity, they also offer potent anti-wrinkle and skin lightening benefits.

They include nutrients like Vitamins A, C, and several B vitamins. A review in Antioxidants discussed the research supporting the benefits of acai berries in treating skin disorders [5].

Vitamin C

This powerful antioxidant can repair skin damage and defend it against UV rays and other environmental stressors. By preventing the production of melanin, it can help lighten the skin and lessen the appearance of dark patches and hyperpigmentation. It has potent anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce redness and swelling, cure blemishes, shield against skin problems, and relieve sunburn.

Vitamin C promotes the production of collagen for essential skin health, making it firmer and smoothing signs of age like wrinkles and lines.

ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food Reviews – Does It Work?

Activated You Essential Skin Food is rich in ingredients which boost the production of collagen, tightening sagging skin, improving elasticity, and smoothing wrinkles and lines. It also includes collagen and skin hydration ingredients, which get rid of dryness and give the skin a plumper, smoother appearance..

Essential Skin Food has ingredients which improve blood flow in the skin, enhancing its overall health and giving it a rosy, youthful glow. An article in the Journal of Physiology discussed the secrets of skin blood flow [1].

The formula has anti-inflammatory agents which can diminish the amount of swelling and redness on the complexion and help treat skin conditions such as eczema. An article in the International Journal of Molecular Science discussed the anti-inflammatory and skin barrier repair effects of some plant oils [2].

This supplement is very high in antioxidants, which can eliminate free radicals and decrease the amount of oxidative stress. This improves the skin’s immunity, repairs damage, and protects from UV rays and other environmental agents. These elements increase collagen, which is essential for having a younger appearance.

Who Should Buy ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food?

ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food is an excellent skin supplement for adults of all ages. If you are older and batting signs of age, it will help you look more youthful. Younger people should find that it slows skin aging and keeps the completion in top condition.


Que: Is Essential Skin Food Worth It?

Ans: According to most of the Essential Skin Food reviews that I read, most of the customers found the product to be worth every penny. It seems to do what it promises and offers benefits for the complexion that most users would likely agree are excellent value for the price.

Que: Where to Buy Essential Skin Food?

Ans: Essential Skin Food is for sale on the manufacturer’s official website only. There are no other retailers who carry it, meaning you definitely get the genuine product.

If you buy in bulk you save money, and the company pays free shipping for orders over $50 from U.S residents. Sometimes they offer a promo code, so keep your eyes peeled. They also have a VIP program, and if you sign up you get additional deals. The prices are as follows:

  • 1 Jar – $69.95
  • 3 Jars – $191.85
  • 6 Jars – $365.70

Que: What Do Essential Skin Food Reviews Say?

Ans: I really enjoyed reading through the Essential Food reviews, because customers had so many great things to say about the supplement.

Users said it presented visible results in a few weeks in terms of decreasing wrinkles and lines and rejuvenating the complexion. Here are some of the top reviews that I picked out so you could get a good idea of the customer experience.

Love It!
I’ve been using ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food for about a month now and absolutely love it! I can see and feel a huge difference in such a short amount of time. Yesenia Struyf

I purchased Essential Skin Food to help keep my skin hydrated and youthful. I have been taking it for a month now daily with my Morning Complete Starlit

It’s Working
I’m 53 years old and work … a lot. The other day one of my customers told me how great my skin looked. I guess it’s working. Carol S.

Skin Food
I’ve been taking Essential Skin Food for almost a month and my skin is more even and clear than when I started. Also, my nails are looking so much healthier. Liberty

Que: What is the Essential Skin Food Return Policy?

Ans: The manufacturer has a 90 day ‘Activated Promise’ 90-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, contact the manufacturer for instructions and then send the bottles, open or closed, back within 90 days of the purchase date. You should get a full refund.

Que: How Do You Take This Collagen Supplement?

Ans: The manufacturer recommends that you take one capsule per day, with water and a meal. Do not take more than the suggested amount under any circumstances.

Que: What are the health benefits of Essential Skin Food?

Ans: The health benefits of ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food can include

  • Visibly tightened skin
  • Improved wrinkle lines
  • Hydrated, bright skin
  • Healthy nails
  • Supported joints
  • Shinier hair

Que: How is Essential Skin Food Unique From the Competition?

Ans: Essential Skin Food is not just your average anti-aging skin care supplement. It contains a unique and enriching collection of organically-sourced ingredients which offer a wide range of benefits for the complexion.

Final Thought – Activatedyou Review

Essential Skin Food is an anti-aging skincare supplement which contains organically-sourced, natural collagen production. The benefits it promises include smoothing wrinkles and lines, improve skin elasticity, removing dark spots, hydrating and eliminating dryness, replenishing skin cells, and repairing damage to the skin barrier.

Based on my read-through of the Essential Skin Food review, this is a highly effective supplement which does as it claims. Customers mentioned amazing anti-aging benefits in a short period of time, and many said they would be ordering again. Several said they were also very happy with the customer service.

ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food is a safe product which includes 100% organic ingredients, and it’s gentle on the complexion. This product comes highly recommended by our team of dermatologists, and I myself consider it among the best skin care supplements on the market.

Where To Buy?

You can BUY it directly from the Official Website

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Customer Reviews for Essential Skin Food

ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food Reviews – Is It Best Collagen Supplement?
Reviewer Rating
4.8 / 5.0

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  1. Jessica J.

    Your Rating:

    I loved ActivatedYou products!
    Since I’ve been taking collagen supplements for a few years, I felt skin essentials were fantastic when they were released. I’d much rather give my body supplements so that it can start producing collagen again. I’ve been using skin essentials for a few months now, even though I’m 44 years old and my skin is actually in very decent health. I truly enjoy it and will keep using it. 
  2. Enna

    Your Rating:

    ActivatedYou Reviews
    Great product; I’ve noticed that my skin looks more smoother and healthier after using it than it did before. My skin, nails, and hair all seem healthier. I heartily endorse this item.
  3. Kathy Michelle

    Your Rating:

    I love essential skin food supplement!
    I’m about halfway through my first bottle and have noticed some improvement in my skin’s general state. The other day, a young woman praised my complexion. I’m eager to see more development, especially now that I’ve finished the three bottles I bought.
  4. Jenny

    Your Rating:

    Best anti aging supplement
    After taking it for a month, I noticed that my skin was softer and smoother. Even my husband noticed the difference and mentioned it to me without my even telling him that I had begun taking this. The fact that it is a vegan collagen supplement also made me happy. I’ll undoubtedly keep making purchases.
  5. Elsie B.

    Your Rating:

    Can't Believe it Works So Well!
    My sister was taking this, and I kind of teased her but then after a few weeks I stopped laughing when I saw how amazing her skin looked! So I am now taking Essential Skin Food myself, and I look younger every day. My skin is amazing. Thank you!! – Elsie B.
  6. Cherry Allison

    Your Rating:

    This is so great!!
    My name is Cherry and I’ve been using Essential Skin Food supplement from the last week and I’ve seen an amazing improvement in my skins overall look! It is definitely a great. It’s definitely worth checking out!

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